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Secrid is a Dutch brand that specialises in high-quality, compact wallets. The company was founded in 1997 by two Dutch designers who were looking to create a wallet that was both stylish and functional.


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About Secrid

Secrid's wallets feature a unique design that incorporates a card protector made from aluminum, which protects your cards from damage, unauthorised access, and data theft. The card protector can hold up to six cards, and it can be easily accessed with the touch of a button.

In addition to the card protector, Secrid's wallets also include a leather exterior, which is available in a variety of colors and finishes. The leather is sourced from Europe and is chosen for its durability, quality, and sustainability.

Secrid is committed to sustainability and ethical production, and they use eco-friendly materials and production methods. They also work closely with their suppliers to ensure fair labor practices.

Overall, Secrid is a well-respected brand that is popular among those who appreciate high-quality, compact wallets with a focus on style and function. Their products are available in many countries around the world.