Collection: Loake Shoes

Loake is a British shoemaker, founded in 1880, family-owned and still based in Kettering. Loake has been a Royal Warrant holder since 2007.
The company specialises in high-quality, Goodyear-welted shoes for men. Loake's footwear range includes a variety of products made using premium materials such as leather and suede. Their products are designed to be comfortable, durable, and of high quality, and they feature a classic, timeless aesthetic with a focus on craftsmanship and style.

About Loake Shoes

In addition to their focus on quality and style, Loake is also committed to sustainability and ethical production. They use eco-friendly materials and production methods, and they work closely with their suppliers to ensure fair labor practices.

Loake is known for its attention to detail and traditional production techniques, with many of their shoes made using the Goodyear welted construction method. This involves stitching the sole to the upper and the insole, resulting in a shoe that is both durable and comfortable.

Overall, Loake is a well-respected brand that is popular among those who appreciate high-quality, classic footwear with a focus on craftsmanship and style. Their products are available in many countries around the world.