MELFORD CO10 9JL - 2020

MELFORD CO10 9JL - 2020

In retail, January & February are tough going.

Straight into the new year planning begins. Immediately we begin trips to the brands to order the stock for next winters season that will arrive in September. Whilst simultaneously you start making room for the new Spring stock to arrive in-store (from the end of February!) All whilst we are getting over Christmas!

In amongst all this, we gave Melford a little revamp for the new year. I’ve attached a few images, hope you like it.

The village itself has had a hard time recently. The past months have seen some turbulence with a few key businesses being lost from the drag. At this time of year, and with the constant spread of doom we receive from the media these days it would be easy to be disheartened. But, Melford will regroup and come back strong - already the Swan’s new owner is making good ground & there is talk of new businesses and antique centres opening for the spring! We won’t let Melford down and a few of us are collaborating with the district and county councils to support Melford. Parking is being reviewed, and Melford in Bloom begins this year.

I have also launched a new group for WhatsApp users - we all receive too many emails, I want to send less!!! and a quick message direct to your phone tells you all you need to know. The group is growing and I’d love to have you along too - join today by clicking below.

So I hope 2020 has begun well for you, we have plenty of sale bargains left in Hadleigh and our new Spring stock is beginning to arrive, join the group to receive the updates.


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