*non essential* - it all changed just like that.

*non essential* - it all changed just like that.

"From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction - you must stay at home"



3 years ago today, our then Prime Minister Boris Johnson, delivered a statement on TV advising the UK that the country was required to lockdown.  Delivered in just over 6 minutes it was an instruction that left us all wondering what would happen next.



Individually, we all have our own experiences of that time and let us not forget the tremendous loss of loved one's some will have.  



At the risk of sounding self-absorbed,  I vividly remember the feeling of dis-orientation of what to do, trying to accept that I had no control of the situation and reflecting on, that the day before,  Sunday, I had effectively moth-balled two shops and secured them the best I could, for what was then an indefinite time. 



And then, considering how and, if, my business would survive.  But of course thankfully it did and for that, of course, I am very grateful.  



On this day, whilst remembering I also reflect on how the world is now. 



The small and the significant shifts in how the period impacted our lives and which elements have stayed with us.  Invariably, one comment I hear whilst in general talk, is the "almost collective amnesia like" loss of time felt as a result of the period, the past 3 years have seemingly have flown by. 



I want to say thank you to all of you for the continued support you have given Hall Street.  And also to the NHS, and all the other essential workers who were there to support us through that time. And to always keep in mind the good aspects of human nature that shone during that time.  



Thank you. 






Full chronology of events are listed here 



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