March 26th 2020

March 26th 2020

How Are We Doing?

Being a business owner does define a lot of what you are or become. Not having Hall Street open at this time is giving me a huge range of emotions as I try and work out what to do in this unique period. Not going to work in the morning is the first thing – those who work from home know this already and in my previous life I did this for some time and never liked it then.
However, there is a multitude of matters to attend too and as you maybe hearing in the news, gaining information about the Government support packages that have been offered is not straight forward. I am in regular contact with legal professionals, accountants, local government officials as well as other business owners within the industry. I set up a WhatsApp group with other business owners around the country, there are about 40 of us currently sharing experiences. We are all in this together, for sure.

The Banks and Insurance companies are not being straight forward either. Guess we are all soaking up the mainstream media and social media updates as well, but I am now trying to limit my time to them as there is just so much commentary (sorry if you feel this is adding to it). One thing that is really frustrating me and I know I am not alone, is the situation regarding those that are continuing to work and be out in public due to the ambiguity of the message given. I know everyone has their own story but surely health has to come first.
Being selfish, and yes call it bitter, but I also do not understand how online trading is continuing – it is non-essential work, not home based and just what is being spread by all the packages out there going into people’s homes is frightening – not to mention the returns as well??? Remember that stat from Christmas that online returns pass through at least 7 pairs of hands in their journey of process? I do think this will need to come to a halt soon. I took the message the PM delivered Monday night to be in the spirit of life and death – not everyone has it seems and I hope they do not regret it. On another note, got to say thank you for all the messages of good will received from customers following the closure notification, really perked me up and it’s vitally important to me to know. Personally one thing I am attending too are things at home, never had so much time to do things as obviously I am normally at the shops. The dogs are wondering what the hell is going on though! Over the fence, suitably apart of course I have even spoke to my neighbours.
We are all this together, we do not know when it will end. From a personal and business perspective I am basing everything on at least till the end of July, which is a huge period I know.

It is all very uncertain but we must remain safe, stay well and stay in touch – would love to hear from all of you – mail me

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